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  1. The smaller models are useful for converging nozzles, as well as skimmers, because of their interior smoothness and symmetry. Nozzles are made by grinding the end of the cone flat to expose an orifice of the desired I.D. (see profile drawings). Orifice diameters on certain nozzle models (narrow apex angles) can be made as small as 0.05 mm.

  2. The larger size models cannot tolerate the same level of pressure differential as a Model 1 or Model 2. Plan the apparatus pressures accordingly or consider a double thick model.

  3. Total exterior included angle at the orifice is 5° larger than total interior included angle.

  4. Wall thickness is 0.05 to 0.08 mm except at orifice knife-edge.

  5. This model has a 2° taper shank for fitting over a tube.

  6. Angle specified is between flat sides. The cone angle is 44°. This model will produce skimmer orifices of width D and height approximately 4 mm.

  7. Angle specified is between flat sides. The cone angle is 36°. This model will produce a skimmer orifice of approximately 0.2 mm x 8.0 mm.

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