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Pricing Detail

Model 1 and Model 2 Skimmers:

Stock Ni Sizes maintained in inventory:

Model 1 (Ni) - 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 mm

Model 2 (Ni) - 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 mm

Other Model 1 and 2 Ni orifice size skimmers are available by special order. Add $110 to the prices above per Ni skimmer model for non-stock orifice sizes. For example, two Model 1 Ni skimmers with 0.9 mm orifices would be priced at $712.50 each after applying the quantity discount noted below, plus $110, for a total of $1,645.00 (see Pricing Grid). Smaller orifice sizes are also available; please inquire regarding prices. All other Ni skimmers (i.e., other than Model 1 and 2 skimmers) and all Cu skimmers are priced off the same base price grid but with a $150 custom model set up charge, per model ordered.

Large Orifice Sizes:

Some skimmers can be produced with large orifice sizes, >3.0 mm. However, we are surcharged $195 per skimmer by the machine shop for such work, which we pass along. Customers should also be aware that obtaining greater orifice size is obtained by removing more of the cone and, therefore, reducing the rigidity of the resultant skimmer. Double thick plating may also be required.

Other Models: Please email or call to determine availability and production lead time.

Other model skimmers are available by special order. Please click here for dimensions. Add $150 per Ni or Cu custom skimmer model ordered at the same time to the Model 1 and Model 2 stock orifice prices listed above. 

OEM Replacement Skimmers:

Beam Dynamics can supply replacements for OEM equipment skimmers and maintains inventory for certain sizes. Please inquire as to availability; skimmer prices are the same as for "Other Models" above.

New Custom Skimmers: Please email or call to determine availability.

New custom skimmer designs can also be produced. There is a one-time-only tooling charge of $700.00 for fabricating a custom mandrel according to the geometry and dimensions supplied. The new mandrel will remain the property of Beam Dynamics, Inc. Skimmer prices are usually the same as for "Other Models" above but may vary depending on the difficulty of the design.

Gold or Rhodium Plating:

For extra protection against corrosive gases, both Ni and Cu skimmers may be ordered with gold or rhodium plating for $145 per skimmer.

Double Thick Skimmers:

Skimmers made with a double wall thickness may also be useful for additional protection against corrosive gases, particularly when combined with gold or rhodium plating, or for higher than normal pressures. The charge is $120 per skimmer for double wall thickness.

Quantity Discount Schedule:

Quantity orders are eligible for the following discounts (models and orifice sizes may be mixed):

5% for orders of 2 to 5 skimmers.

10% for orders of 6+ skimmers.

There is no discount on tooling charges for new custom skimmers.

Order Information:

We accept orders via email,  telephone, or mail. We will also supply written quotes upon request. 

All prices are F.O.B. Origin Dallas, Texas, USA. Shipping is via two day Federal Express in the U.S. and International Economy elsewhere. There is a standard shipping/handling fee per shipment of $45.00 on domestic orders and $175.00 - $185.00 on International orders for up to 10 skimmers (depending on location). International customers are responsible for all bank, customs, duties and VAT charges, as applicable. Shipping and Handling fees may vary depending upon destination country.  We will email all customers with shipping particulars after shipping occurs.

With approved credit, our terms provide for payment 30 days from shipment date.  We reserve the right to charge a 1 1/2% (18% annual rate) monthly late fee. Sorry, but we do not currently accept credit cards.

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