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The smaller skimmer models (e.g., Model 5.1) are also useful as converging nozzles because of their smoothness and symmetry.

Nozzles FAQs

What type of nozzles does Beam produce?

We can make any of our skimmer models into nozzles. The smaller sizes are most popular, such as the Model 5.1 or 10.2. Pricing for nozzles mirrors that of the similar skimmer models listed on the pricing metric.

Beam Dynamics nozzles are made by removing the tip of the cone with no further machining at the orifice edge.

Can Beam make nozzles with very small orifice diameters?

Yes, because the machining doesn’t require producing the knife-like edge of a skimmer, it is easier to produce a small orifice. Narrow apex included angles can be made with the smallest orifice diameters and vice versa. Orifice sizes as small as 0.05mm are possible.

Does Beam offer any type of converging/diverging nozzle?

We developed and produced two prototypes, both of which were sold. We have been exploring alternative fabrication techniques and believe we may have found a satisfactory solution. We will post a notice on the web site when we are ready for production and sale.

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